Monday, August 31, 2020

Wrapping Up the Summer!

 What a fun and interesting and crazy summer!  Between redoing our kitchen and Covid-19, it was a summer like no other, for SURE, but we truly did have a great summer full of great family times and good memories.  As we wrapped up our summer, we enjoyed our last weekends in August at both the Kirkwood cabin and the Tommerdahl trailer.  Here are a few pictures.....

Larkyn turned into an avid reader like her big sibs this summer.  This girl loves to read and devours books.

Water skiing

Sewing on the dock

Geocaching on the island

Rock Towers - they are harder to build than they look!  But fun to try!

Driving the boat ;-)

So much fun and SO many giggles with games of trying to "stand" on this alligator!  Even Grandma tried!

One of the kids all time favorites was having Grandpa "try" to tip them off of this raft and trying to hang on!


Acorns make fantastic popping noises when tossed into a campfire, and collecting and tossing acorns into the fire created hours of enjoyment for the kids (and maybe the adults too!)

As we exit summer and head toward fall, I am grateful for all the memories we made this summer and the quality time we were able to have with family.


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