Thursday, February 28, 2019

Summer's Third Grade Concert

Summer had her third grade concert at school tonight.  I was really impressed!  This year they incorporated harmony/parts and really started to sound more like a choir.  It's fun to see how they grow....what a difference from kindergarten!

Summer was so excited about her two "extra" roles.  The first was playing the bass xylophone along with one of their songs they sung in another language.   I'll include two videos.  The first video was sent to me by a teacher during the third graders' performance for students during the school day, and is taken from a better angle.  The second video is longer, but farther away.

The other was being part of the "orphan dance" for a song from Oliver.

All the kids did great and it was a fun concert!  They had quite a few songs so I won't include all of them, but here are a few clips from some of my favorite songs they did.

You did a fantastic job, Summer!  Love,
Your adoring fans :)


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