Friday, January 25, 2019

Larkyn Dance Recital

Larkyn had her first dance recital last weekend!  She takes dance from Ms. Daria, an amazing neighbor of ours who teaches dance from her home and keeps dance fun, modest, affordable, and it is Larkyn's favorite part of the week!  Larkyn's recital was held at a local nursing home, where both residents and dancers' families could enjoy the performances!  I'll include a video of each of her two dances, as well as a few pictures!



Larkyn and Ms Daria

Summer and Colton were SO sweet and supportive of Larkyn!  It was so fun to see Larkyn get to be the reason we were all going to watch one of the kids do something!

Grandma K came!

I was very impressed with how our "sometimes shy in new situations" kiddo had confidence and poise and did a fantastic job with both dances.  Great job, Larkyn!


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