Sunday, December 9, 2018

Christmas Musical

The kids have been working on preparing their Christmas musical for two months, and this weekend it all came together so cute!  We are beyond grateful for all the volunteers who put in countless hours to make it happen!  This year Summer had her first "role" playing "Cub", one of the reporters searching out clues regarding Jesus' birth.  Colton was very excited to have a solo.  Larkyn couldn't have been happier about her role as an angel in the preschool pageant.  All three kids had enthusiasm and smiles as they proclaimed God's peace to the world throughout the musical.  Below are some pictures and videos, as well as pictures with their amazing support network who came to cheer them on!


The preschoolers sang two songs, and then each preschooler was dressed as a character from the Christmas story and shared with the audience, in one line, their role at the scene of Jesus' birth.

Here is a video of Larkyn singing:

Here is a video of the preschoolers saying their parts.  Larkyn is the middle angel.


Colton did a great job doing the actions and singing as part of the choir..  He also really enjoyed having a solo.   My favorite part was watching him groove along to the music!

Here is a video of him as part of the choir.  He is on the top of the risers wearing a brown tunic.

Here is a video of his solo:


Summer tried out for a small role, but was ecstatic to be instead offered one of the larger main roles.  She did a fantastic job memorizing her lines, and delivered them with enthusiasm, facial expressions, and dramatic flair :).

Here is a clip of a few of her lines:

Here is a clip of her singing with the choir:


We had lots of amazing family take pictures of our no particular are some pictures of the performance :).

Our Amazing Support Network!

Saturday's performance:
Both sets of Grandparents, Gee Gee Sandy, Auntie Kristin, Uncle Eric, Teddy, Charlie, my cousin Jenna, AND both the kids' teachers from Southview Elementary came!!!!


Mrs. McGregor teaches Summer's third grade class and came to support Summer!

Mrs. Gile teaches Colton's 1st grade class and came to support Colton!

Sunday's performance:

Including... Grandma and Grandpa T, GeeGee Sandy, Uncle Jordan, our neighbor Mr. Ken, and Summer's last year (2nd grade) teacher Mrs. Bottem!

Summer and Mrs. Bottem bonded last year over both books and a love for Jesus, and she continues to love on all three of our kids even though she isn't currently teaching any of them :)
Our neighbor Mr. Ken hasn't missed a Christmas musical for the kids yet!  I think this is his third or fourth one!

Uncle JORDAN!!!! 
 You guys - seriously - are the best!  Thank you SO much for supporting and loving on our kiddos.  I feel overwhelmed with gratitude when I think of all the love you all pour out on our kids.  Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Great job Tommerdahl kiddos!!!! I loved watching this!

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