Tuesday, November 27, 2018


This year, I found myself overwhelming thankful for FAMILY.  We are beyond blessed with amazing family on both sides, as well as amazing family on all EXTENDED sides.  We were able to see so many of those people over the week of Thanksgiving, and I am so grateful.

We kicked off Thanksgiving week on Tuesday, when my cousin's family arrived from Colorado.  We were all so excited they would stay with us all week, as they have four kids similar in age to ours and we hardly ever get to see them!  Colton enjoyed wrestling, soccer,  and more with the boys and Elenora enjoyed having my girls to play with!  Our two families enjoyed bouncing around the city going to dinner Tuesday night at my Aunt and Uncle's house, going Wednesday to an indoor playground, going to my cousins for "cousin  dinner and game night"  (while the grandparents babysat all the kids at our house!), and then enjoying Thanksgiving at my parents house on Thursday. 

On Friday morning we drove to Hoffman, MN to have Thanksgiving with Paul's side of the family.  We enjoyed staying at Paul's Grandma's house, getting to see a lot of family we don't normally see, and of course, enjoying LOTS of delicious food!

We are so thankful for our amazing family!!!


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