Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Thanksgiving '17

We got to see so many family members this Thanksgiving!  It was a little different then usual - family came to us - and it was really nice to not have to make a long drive!  Much of my extended family gathered Tuesday-Friday of Thanksgiving week, rotating host houses per meal giving each Twin Cities' member a chance to host.  We celebrated actual Thanksgiving at my Aunt Brenda and Uncle Scott's house, and it was so great to catch up with everyone!  I am so grateful for such great family!

Thanksgiving Day

My grandma (kids' Great Grandma) with her four Minnesota great grandchildren
We spent Friday-Sunday at Auntie Sarah and Uncle Ty's house with the Tommerdahl clan!  The food was sooo good and we had a blast hanging out, singing Christmas carols, doing crafts, coloring, and being together.

Among many things, I am so grateful for awesome families on both sides!  We are beyond blessed!


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