Sunday, March 19, 2017

Hoffman Pallet Painting Weekend

We drove to Hoffman, MN to stay with Paul's grandma this past weekend.  A bunch of female members of Paul's family signed up for a Pallet Painting class, including Paul's Grandma, Paul's Mom, Paul's Aunt, Paul's cousin, Paul's sister, Paul's sister-in-law, Paul's great uncle's wife, and Summer and me!  We drove up Friday night, and then on Saturday we girls had a fun shopping date to the cute shops in Alexandria, where we also met up with a bunch more of Paul's family who live in Alexandria for lunch.  We then headed to our painting class which went from 3-6pm.  First, we stained our wood boards, then we assembled our signs with screws and power screwdrivers, then we prepared our stencils, and then we painted.

We all got to pick our own sayings, stain color, and paint color, and it was a really fun experience to do together!  Here is a picture of our finished signs:

After the class, we went back to Paul's Grandma's (Gee Gee Sandy's) house for dinner.  Then Kopel had a sleepover with our kiddos at Gee Gee Sandy's house.  On Sunday, we all went to Gee Gee Sandy's church, had lunch together, and then headed home.  What a fun weekend full of memories!

Here are some fun pictures of a little dance party...

Thanks for hosting all of us, Gee Gee Sandy!!!


Kristin Bjorklund said...

They turned out so great!!

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