Wednesday, February 22, 2017


I haven't posted in a while... because we have been sick!  Over the past month we have had 5 day fevers, coughs and congestion, stomach flu, middle of the night drama with coughing, throwing up, and diarrhea...different bugs cycling through our family and transferring person to person, leaving us cancelling most of our February plans and commitments.  It's been awesome. ;)

DVD's and throw-up buckets...

Larkyn had a 7 day stomach flu.

Colton had (and still has) a horrible cold/cough that won't go away, fever, and form of flu, and more....

Summer had a 5 day fever, sore throat, and ear pain, that left her missing quite a bit of school.  After 4 days of being home, we pulled out some of my dolls from when I was little and the girls had so much fun with them!
Sickies cuddled on our old crib mattress in the kitchen while I made french toast.

And yes, after taking care of all the littles, I wound up getting sick too.  Getting sick this time of year is not uncommon for our family, but it is a very challenging time for me.  I am working on growing in areas of being unselfish and being content and focusing on the blessings of getting to be with my kids, and trying to be intentional with the time.  I don't like cancelling all our fun plans/commitments week after week, and I find the parenting balance between coddling sick kids and teaching positive behavior to be quite challenging, but I also recognize that I am blessed, and counting my blessings helps me take my eyes of my personal pity party and put my focus where it should be.

I love witnessing special time between siblings

Getting more time to read our Bible and devotional book together

The extra cuddles the sickness brings

Time to slow down and watch my kids be creative... (Colton creating David and Goliath with craisins- the line-up is the Philistines vs the Israelite's)


Creating an entire pancake breakfast (complete with toppings) out of construction paper.
Sick for Valentine's Day...meant cancelled date for P and I, but family red dinner together.

Sick for Super Bowl party, meant Daddy brought the part to us....

Family Super Bowl Party
I am thankful for my family, and I look forward to when we are all healthy again!  Hopefully soon :).


The Baum Family said...

Oh my goodness, Kel!!!! How frustrating to have everyone sick for so long. I am praying for wellness for you all!

Kristin Bjorklund said...

You have such a good attitude! Cutest sickies ever tho! <3

The O'Connor Family said...

I'm so sorry, Kel! Way to put a positive spin on everything! Hope everyone is on the mend now!

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