Tuesday, January 31, 2017

January News

I haven't blogged much this month, so I figured I'd roll all of our January news into one post!  In no particular order, here is some updates on the Tommerdahl kiddos...

Its been a chilly January, which means lots of dollhouse/Barbie house, cars, trains, planes, and Paw Patrol!  (also pictured friends Melanie and Carter)

Summer rocked mis-match day at school.  She even got to help emcee a leadership fest on this day for her elementary school! Go Summer!

Girls are cooking away!

Paul took this snapshot and I love what it encompasses - daily Bible reading one-on-one with each my kiddos is (and always has been) a HUGE priority in our family.  With Summer, we read when I wake her up in the morning before I get up the other kids.  I read with Larkyn before her nap.  I read with Colton after I put Larkyn down for her nap.  The kids also request reading from our "yellow" Bible (and the corresponding verses from our Bibles) and Big Truths for Little Kids during mealtime, and this has turned into a great time for family devotions.  They love answering the questions and I love the truths we get to discuss.  We are truly trying to be so intentional about teaching God's truths to our kids, and are ESPECIALLY intentional this month after getting to attend an AMAZING conference through compasslink.org focusing on how to be an intentional, engaged, informed Christian parent with kids in the public school.  It was sooo good!

Colton continues his weekly Amazing Athletes class.  I have seen so much growth in his coordination in this class.  Colton is on the far right in a blue lighting mcqueen shirt ;).  He just threw a football :).

Me and my favorite nephew cheering on Colton in his Amazing Athletes class!

January is never dull on the health front - my favorite buddy and I at a late night urgent care run for antibiotics ;)

Summer lost her third tooth...and the fourth should come out any day...making her suddenly look a lot older!

Cheering on a friend from church in her floor hockey game!

Colton and the Tommerdahl favorite fish at the zoo

Summer wanted hair like Cinderella for her date to see Cinderella with Grandma and Grandpa K.  I had fun giving her an up-do!

What a fun Christmas gift from Grandma and Grandpa K!

Colton's Christmas date with Grandma and Grandpa K was to see Night Trains - a train museum that has a special nighttime display around Christmas.
Colton LOVED his special time with Grandma and Grandpa seeing, driving, and playing with all the trains!

 Larkyn started dance this January.  A Southview mom teaches dance out of her home and its has been really fun watching Larkyn enjoy the classes!

One of Larkyn's favorite part of dance is when they get to choose wings and tutu's and be fairies!  Here is a video from this morning: (Larkyn is in the purple shirt and chose pink wings and a black/leopoard tutu today).

Here is little gymnastics video of Summer on bars:

We got to have a fun weekend with Grandma and Grandpa T last weekend!  They came for a visit and the older two and I got to go shopping with Uncle Javonte (he got nominated for his class royalty) for clothes to wear for the coronation and that was fun!  We also got to see Uncle Jordan and Auntie Madison.  Here are a few pics from Grandma T.


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