Saturday, September 3, 2016

Wrapping Up Swimming Lessons

All three kids took the summer session of swimming lessons at Swim Wise swim school, and all three improved a lot!  Larkyn was in the parent-child class, and over the course of the 12 week session got to swim with Mommy, Daddy, Grandma T, Grandma K, and Grandpa K!  Lucky girl!  Here are a few pictures and videos of swimming lessons:

Larkyn with Grandma T

Larkyn with Grandma K

Larkyn with Daddy

Larkyn with Mommy

Here is a video of Larkyn with Grandpa K:

Here is a video of Summer and her back float

Here is a video of Colton swimming

The kids had a great lesson and ALL THREE of them enjoyed swimming lessons this year (that might be a first!).  Larkyn sings the swimming songs all over the house and loves talking about all the things she does in swimming lessons and the older two have really developed a love and confidence in the water that I totally credit to Swim Wise and their great teachers. 


Jill said...

So proud of all three of them. It's been fun to watch their progress this summer.

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