Sunday, February 14, 2016

Larkyn 19 months - "Ummmm" and ABC song

Larkyn's little (or should I say BIG) personality is really developing.  She is not shy and enjoys walking around saying hi to people she doesn't know!  She has her "thank you" and her "excuse me" down, but still needs to be prompted to say "please".  We are in the midst of practicing learning how to take turns (she is pretty good at this), how to be obedient (she is medium good at this), how to come when called (she is currently testing this), and various other things toddlers need to learn, but has the most mischievous little grin as she goes about it!  I have a "serious face" I give her when she is debating being disobedient and she, in return, has a mischievous grin with a sparkle in her eye that she can freeze on her face, locking eyes with me for so long that I truly struggle to keep my serious face on without breaking into a smile!  OH Larkyn.  Two recent "Larkyn-isms" of late are her answer "uuuuuuhmmmm" as she thinks about how she is going to answer a question and her random singing of the ABC song as she goes about her day.  I staged the first video as I tried to get her "uuuuuuuhmmm" on camera so I could remember it.  The second video is also me trying to catch on camera her singing - which proved to be quite challenging...she prefers to sing when she wants to sing rather than when I ask her to, haha!  What a little character.  Anyway, here are the videos.  Love you, Larky-Loo :-).


Jill said...

Oh, goodness! That girl! Impossible not to grin when you're with her or watching this video.

Kristin Bjorklund said...

<3 <3 <3

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