Monday, April 13, 2015

Happy 3rd Birthday, Colton!

My little boy turned 3 on April 10th!  Colton is such a sweet, giggly, silly boy who gives the best hugs!  I absolutely love this guy more than words can tell!!

We love birthdays at our house, and we have been anticipating this one (literally) since last August, when Colton saw Summer get breakfast in bed on her birthday.  At our house, breakfast in bed is a borrowed tradition from Paul's family growing up that starts at age 3, and more than presents or cake, Colton has been excitedly anticipating his breakfast in bed!  Before writing about his actual birthday (April 10th) and his breakfast in bed, however, I will start on April 9th when my big boy and I got to go for our birthday date.  After a birthday lunch with Grandma K with his favorite Culvers, Grandma babysat the girls while Colton and I headed out to the Minnesota Transportation Museum.  I had bought tickets for us to go several months prior (Thanks Auntie Kristin for finding us the Living Social deal!), and couldn't wait to take him to see all the trains.  Unfortunately, after we drove the half hour to get to the museum, I realized that it was only open on Wednesdays and Saturdays (mom FAIL!).  A kind mechanic who was there working on trains let us still come in and look around, however, and even gave us a little tour!  My sweet, sweet, boy had so much fun and made me feel like it was the best date even though he couldn't ride the train or do all of the things.  He kept saying how much fun he was having and he was seriously just such a sweetheart!  We looked around for about an hour, and spent quite a while looking at the outdoor trains which we could see even though the museum was closed.  We will definitely have to go back when it is open, as it is really cool! 

 Since we were only a few minutes from where Daddy works, we stopped by to say hi and to do some skyway watching :)
 I think Colton enjoyed being the center of attention from both Mommy and Daddy :)
The next morning, Colton woke up to the much anticipated BREAKFAST IN BED!

Chocolate Chip Pancakes with whip cream, berries, and orange juice

Summer and Daddy got breakfast just perfect while Mommy fed Larkyn :)  Daddy usually leaves for work a bit after 6 am each day, so the kids don't usually see him in the morning.  Both kids were excited that he went into work late so they could see him before he left for work!


Could not be happier!


All snuggled on Colton's bed
 Grandpa T sent Colton this video...which he LOVED...

Traditional decorated door

Paul does a great job with the decorations each year!

Colton got to SEE his presents but couldn't open them until Daddy got home from work :)

Trying to reach the balloons

Colton's morning activities included playing trains for a long time!

And reading the new library books we got that week

Because all of our friends have so many kids now, hosting a party for everyone seemed a bit daunting - however we didn't want to leave anyone out!  So we did a "birthday playdate" instead of a "birthday party" this year and it worked SO perfectly!  We decided to go to Burger King (awesome playplace!) for lunch on Colton's birthday and invited everyone to join us if they were free - and we would bring special birthday cupcakes.

Colton picked Lightning McQueen, Mater, and Planes cupcakes.  The toppers were party favor rings.

I LOVE this play place because you can see it all - no hidden tunnels :)  The kids ran off energy for over an hour!  It turned out to be the perfect place to have our party that day, as it was snowing on the morning of Colton's birthday and an outdoor venue would not have worked well this year.

We took over the playplace with many wonderful friends!  Here Colton and Summer are eating with friends Addison, Brody, and Tenley.

Chicken nuggets, french fries, apples, and chocolate milk!  Bonus - a mini Clifford book came with the kid's meal ... and of course.. the Burger King crown is a huge hit for my kiddos.

The group of kids that came and blessed my little buddy - 19 kids 4 and under!  Colton's smile when they all sang to him was ADORABLE!  I wish I had thought to get it on video :)

Mommy got to be "cupcake lady" :)

Grandma K was a huge help - taking pictures, holding down the fort while I took kids to go potty, and helping to feed Larkyn.
After the party the kids had quiet time/mini naps in their rooms to prepare for more celebrating!  Then we took off for our annual run to Cub Foods for birthday donuts (a tradition that I had as a kid).  We really only go to Cub for donuts, but when we do, the kids love pushing the mini shopping carts.

They get so excited about these!

We, um, attract a lot of attention..and smiles...from other customers with our parade...its quite amusing.

Colton picked blue sprinkles

Ready to go checkout!

Waiting in line at checkout...

While we waited for Daddy to come home, we rode bikes.
 We opened gifts before dinner this year, as the kids had a big breakfast and lunch!  This year we did a "space" them for Colton's gifts as he has been talking about wanting to be an astronaut and interested in all things space related.
I love this little astronaut!

Where is Colton?
Here is a 2 minute highlight video of present opening this year...with shout out thank you's to my generous grandparents and Aunt and Uncle who bless Colton with presents on his birthday.

For his birthday meal, Colton picked Kraft Mac n Cheese, grapes, and carrot sticks.

THREE candles!
And now we move to DAY 3 of celebration ;)...on Saturday April 11th, Colton's grandparents, and local Aunts and Uncles all came to celebrate!

Grandma and Grandpa K gave Colton one whole bag of Dusty the Crophopper stuff and another one of all Lightning McQueen stuff!  They know our little guy! 
He loves his Dusty jammies and stuffed Dusty!
Another favorite was the Lightning sunglasses and case.  He also got a much wanted camera so he can take pictures like Summer.
From Auntie Sarah and Uncle Ty, Colton got a cool ball called a Wubble
It looks like a giant bubble and is so light that it bounces off of things instead of knocking them over!

Auntie Kristin and Uncle Eric found a Lightning McQueen picture for Colton's room and a Lightning McQueen ring toss game - Our little boy LOVES Lightning McQueen!

Grandma and Grandpa T gave Colton nerf guns, which were a HUGE hit!  His face and giggle was priceless when he would repeated shoot it!

Grandma and Grandpa T also found a Lightning McQueen race track with remote control cars.  Both kids love playing with it!

Thank you Gee Gee Sandy for the cool kickball set!
Colton picked Lightning Mcqueen paper goods (big surprise!)

Colton picked the menu: tortellini, garlic bread, and blue jello with berries and whipped Cream

The menu was also a hit with big sister
and little sister, who ate her tortellini pureed :)
What an awesome family - we are blessed!

Colton had the same cupcakes as for his kids party, and did a great job blowing out all THREE candles :)
 One of the best parts of birthdays is seeing our wonderful family...

Grandma T and Larkyn

Grandma and Grandpa K and the birthday boy!

Uncle Eric and Summer belting out songs on the plastic knife microphones

Silly faces with Uncle E

Goofy Selfy :)

Cuddles with Uncle Ty and Auntie Sarah

Grandma T's lap full of Grandkids

Auntie Sarah and Larkyn
The two best Grandpas!


Kristin Bjorklund said...

Your little boy and your little date are just the sweetest!!! (I didn't hear that it was closed - darn!) I LOVE those little nuggets pushing their mini carts around the store - I'm SURE they made everyone's day. =) Finally, I need to see that little boy in his astronaut costume. That is too cute! Love you guys!!

The Baum Family said...

What a special birthday celebration!!!! Happy 3rd Birthday Colton!

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