Monday, April 22, 2013

Waiting for Daddy

Daddy usually gets home around 6:30, so our typical evening routine is to start dinner preps around 5:30.  If you have ever tried to cook with two kids under 3, who usually want to be held, etc, you know that it is not the easiest task in the world! A few weeks ago we unintentionally started a "new" routine that works so well, for so many reasons, I wonder why I never did it before! 

I have never wanted the kids to snack before dinner, because I want them to eat a good nutritious dinner.  However one way to keep kiddos occupied, in the kitchen, while I cook is to give them something to eat!  So, I have taken to giving the kids their dinner "veggies" before dinner, and they are allowed to eat as many as they want!  Summer thinks it is pretty special to sit on the stool in our kitchen and watch for Daddy while she eats her veggies.  Colton gets his high chair moved to where the action is, and can munch on his veggies and drink his milk, freeing up my hands to cut, wash, cook, etc. 

I love that Summer now "requests" to have a veggie snack every time we start dinner preps!  She eats WAY more veggies now than she ever did....and I actually do too!

I snapped some pictures of the kids today, just to remember this stage of life. :)

Celery = much more exciting in this venue ;)

Yay carrots!

No more pictures, please, mom!

Hurry home, Daddy!


Jill said...

Can you hear my buttons popping off with pride? So proud of the amazing mom you are, Kel. Love those precious vegetable-eating faces. :)

Jill said...

Oh, and to reply to your comment, yes, I have tried to cook dinner with two kids under age 3. :) :) No, definitely not easy. :) :)

The Baum Family said...

Pretty hair on Miss Summer! :) Love this idea! The boys generally play together nicely while I'm making dinner but I'm going to file this away for the evenings when they choose to fight! :)

The O'Connor Family said...

CUTE! Love Summer's hair! Great idea, Kel. Fun to see the kids excited about eating veggies.

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