Thursday, September 22, 2011


Our Baby can walk!!!!! :-)  While at this point she still prefers to crawl, she can walk on her own and chooses to multiple times throughout the day.  Here is a little progression of her walking....

1) Ever since she was one month old she had strong legs that she would hold her weight on.
2) At 2 months she was putting one foot in front of the other and "walking" as we held both of her hands.
3) At 11 months she dropped one of our hands and started walking just holding one hand.
4) At 12 months she took her first series of 2-3 steps in between mommy and Grandpa Tommerdahl at the trailer.
5) At 12.5 months she took a total of 12 steps in a row between mommy and Grandma Kirkwood at the park.
6) Yesterday, September 21st, (13.5 months) Summer and I were reading books together (which consisted of her going to get a book, coming to sit in my lap, us reading the first page, and then her going to get another book to do the same thing with!).  She would scale the couch as she went to get another book and then walk 2-3 steps to me to sit in my lap on the floor.  Each time she brought me another book, I would scoot back so she had to walk one more step!  This gave her the confidence that she could walk, and later that afternoon she took off by herself around the house taking 80+ steps!  Throughout the afternoon and evening I "caught" her walking all over the place!  So, this morning I decided to get video of it.  Here is a short video of her walking from her shopping cart to the stairs.

YAY Summer!  :)



The Baum Family said...

Way to go Summer! Enjoy your new freedom!!! :)

LaDonna said...

Yay Summer!!!

Jill said...

Cutest walk ever! Blessed to see it in person today. :)

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