Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Summer Laughing

Hi everyone!  As I mentioned in my last post, Summer has started to share a few laughs with us, only she makes us work for them!  While they are few and far between, they are totally worth working for!  Paul and I can be very silly, but the member of the family that gets the most laughs from Summer is Tucker!  Just by being his silly self, Summer cracks up!

Because Tucker has so much energy, during the the winter (when it is too cold for his paws to walk outside), I chase him around the house.  He loves it!  (It is especially funny to see him slide on our new laminate floor when he can't stop running!)  One of the best places to get Tucker's energy out is running up and down the basement stairs.  He chases me downstairs, and then I pretend to run upstairs (give a false start) and he runs all the way up.  Then he comes back down to find me, and we do it again! 

I captured a small part of our game today.  Because I was manning the video AND holding Summer, in the first video you can hear Summer laughing but can't see her.  After Paul came home from work the four of us played again and I could video Paul holding Summer.  (FYI: Tucker's energy is only a small percent of his normal when we play chase, because I couldn't chase him very well while keeping a steady video arm!)



Jill said...

Oh, that giggle is the most precious sound ever. I can just watch this over and over to hear it again. What a sweetie pie. Love that little girl!!

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