Sunday, July 4, 2010

Heaven on Earth - To Tucker, Anyway...

While the morning started out a little damp (we were supposed to have an outdoor service with No Longer Music leading worship - needless to say we moved inside - still a very powerful service with one of the most unique evangelical missions groups of all time!), the rest of the day was (has been) beautiful!  Who probably enjoyed it the most?  Tucker.

Not only were we able to hit up the Apple Valley parade this afternoon (where Tucker scored a dog treat from the Maytag repairman, as well as few pieces of Von Hanson's meat), but we also made it over to Tucker's dream world - the Aligmagnet Dog Park (just a few minutes away from our house).  As you'll see in the pictures, below, Tucker had a blast.  We've yet to find a dog that can match him in energy or speed (Domino is close - I'll try to get a picture of them rough-housing at another visit).  Anyway, all dogs and owners had a great time!

Tucker Enjoying the Go-Karts


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